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Ben Nwabueze lied, I never promised to drop agitation for Biafra’s Restoration – Nnamdi Kanu

by on August 25, 2017

Nnamdi  Kanu has said that speculations in some quarters that he promised to drop the agitation for Biafra restoration if Nigeria was restructured were untrue.

Kanu who made the denial in Umuahia, Abia State, said that he wouldn’t have made such pro­nouncement when there were no indications that the endemic injus­tices against Igbo could ever be ad­dressed through restructuring.

Also in a statement yesterday, the Southern Leaders of Thought said that “negotiated restructur­ing implemented through a new constitution is the best assurance for the realisation of our desire for one Nigeria.”

The group said: “We, mem­bers of the group of Southern Leaders of Thought, are commit­ted patriots imbued with an abid­ing faith in one Nigeria and the be­lief that the majority of Nigerians share the same faith, but wish to be given an opportunity to nego­tiate changes in our governmental structures, needed to accomplish their desires believing that appro­priate structures must be put in place for good governance, anoth­er of our vital needs, to take place.

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“In our circumstances as a country, with a vast expanse of ter­ritory, comprising a great diversi­ty of ethnic nationalities with di­vergent interest and outlooks, it seems generally agreed that a fed­eral system, truly so called, is the system appropriate to our situa­tion.

“We therefore conceive restructuring or re-establishment of the kind of federalism that ex­isted under the 1960/1963 Con­stitutions. That is the central ob­ject or purpose of restructuring.”

Nwabueze said that the way forward for Nigeria is for the peo­ple “in exercise of power inherent in them as a sovereign people, to make, through a referendum, a new constitution, consisting of a new political order.”

He added that the process must be led by a President, “as the elected leader of the people imbued by an ardour for change.”

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Kanu, who dismissed the speculations as part of the fabri­cation and distortion of facts by the enemies of the struggle, urged Biafra activists and other Nigeri­ans to disregard the claims.

He said that those who be­lieve Nigeria could ever be re­structured were living in self-il­lusion because “those benefiting from the current lopsidedness will stop at nothing in resisting any move towards restructuring.

According to him, it is too late to restructure Nigeria “because those who think Nigeria is their estate have made it impossible.”

Kanu said the advocates of restructuring would soon come to terms with realities but regretted that such realization might be too late.

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  • chido
    August 25, 2017 at 10:04 am

    “He added that the process must be led by a President, “as the elected leader of the people imbued by an ardour for change.” to be led by an Islamist, a jihadists, a mass murderer Buhari? Impossible!
    We must have a referendum either they conduct it or we will conduct it ourselves.
    Enough of this 1 Nigeria!


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