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    Major Gideon Orkar was a visionary, he attempted to excise the Northern States out of the federation & if he had succeeded many lives would have been saved.Major Orkar decided that this was best way forward years before the emergence of Fulani herdsmen. The Fulani herdsmen will continue to kill because they are protected by the state & work hand in glove with the DSS.

    Those who doubt these claims should ask themselves where they get the sophisticate weaponry from & how they are able to sack one community after another.The weapons are supplied by Myetti Allah through their military contacts & military personnel who are embedded with the herdsmen plan & lead the attacks

    The Governor should be impeached for dereliction of duty.He has failed to protect his people & should face a vote of no confidence.The Tiv people were the backbone of the Nigerian military so why is it so hard for them to organize and defend their communities.This is the future of Nigeria,land grabs & ethnic cleansing.This is child’s play compared to what will happen if President Buhari is re-elected.These attacks will get worse because it is part of the Northern jihadist agenda.People are being killed all over Nigeria by Fulani herdsmen without arrest or prosecution.

    Their apologists will claim that they are foreign which is hogwash.They are locals & are foot soldiers for a Northern jihadist agenda.This group is ranked the world’s 4th most deadliest terrorist group but is not a security threat in Nigeria.The so called security experts that spew nonsense on TV about porous borders are deluding themselves.The killers are local Fulanis armed & funded by the Northern elite.

    Cattle rearing is a private business & the fat cat Northern elite should provide ranches for their cattle.They have no right to graze on land that does not belong to them & to terrorize the native populace.

    Why is General Gowon quiet on this issue? Is this the one Nigeria he fought for ? Is it worth the genocide of his own people?

    All the notable big mouths like ex President Obasanjo, General Danjuma & the so called human rights activists have been silent on this matter.However,they are self opinionated when the issue of Niger Delta or Biafra is mentioned.

    The Tiv people fought with distinction for One Nigeria & should be able to organize & defend themselves from these Fulani savages.There is no point in wallowing in self pity & expecting miracles.The Fulani covet your land & has declared war on Benue. Defend your land & dumpthe imbecilic governor.


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