Bill Gates Talks Budget Priorities, Says U.S allowed Covid-19 Escalate

by on May 1, 2020

Billionaire Bill Gates has been at the forefront of the Covid-19 epidemic, both controversially and in the role of benevolent philanthropist.

Gates has so far ignored negative rumors pertaining to his alleged role in deliberately unleashing Covid-19 on the world. He has rather insisted that a big part of the pandemic could have been prevented.

Released yesterday in an article Gates wrote for The New England Journal of Medicine, he went on to estimate that the true cost of preparing for a pandemic of this magnitude should amount to billions of dollars.

He added that the United States and the world at large could have done a better job of cushioning the impact of the Corona Virus epidemic with adequate fund allocation.

Mr. Gates revealed himself as an avid believer in foresight when he said, “If you used January and February properly and did community testing, you wouldn’t have to go through this horrific economic cost”.

Speaking at CNN’s global town hall, he went on to add, “tools can be developed enough that an epidemic like this one could have been stopped at very small numbers”.

Mr. Gates has shot a direct hit at the United States defense budget, intimating that a proper investment in preparation for the covid-19 pandemic would still not equal weaponry costs.

“For something that’s not even 5% of the defense budget, (or even) below that, you can have pandemic preparedness, innovation, stockpiles, simulation that at least for this threat would have been overwhelmingly successful,” he said.

This is even as more than 63,000 people have been reported dead from the Corona virus in the United States.

At least 1,069,534 cases of Corona virus have been recorded in the U.S, including 63,001 deaths according to the Johns Hopkins University.

The totals include cases from all 50 states, the district of Columbia and other U.S territories.

Bill Gates has also expressed his concern for third world countries and the poor in America, stating ” like most bad things, poor countries will probably have it the worst and the poorer lower income people in the United States will have it worse”.

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