When And What Is Coming In Black Summoner Season 2

Black Summoner is a famous anime series based on a light novel by Doufu Mayou. It is the story of a young man, Kelvin, reincarnated as a powerful summoner, and his companion’s war with a hostile nation.

The first season aired in July 2022 and was completed in September. But the season left some cliffhangers; therefore, everyone is pretty sure the Black Summoner season 2 will come soon. Let’s talk about the second season’s possibility, release date, cast, and storyline.

This anime series will follow Black Reaper Kelvin and his companions named Efil, Sera, Rion, Alex, Melfina, Mel, and Colette. They all face a war with a hostile nation, but when will fans be able to see the next season? Fans are compelling this anime series as ‘rejoice!

And after the first season, everyone is waiting for this highly anticipated second season. It is a gloomy and magical world of demons and otherworldly abilities to make a reappearance.

Release Date of Black Summoner Season 2

No official statement regarding the cancellation and renewal of the second season has been made yet. But because of its hype, everyone is expecting that there are more chances of this anime series. Fans like the first five volumes of this novel series, so much so that 18 volumes were completed this April 2023.

Another assumption is that the first season took one year to complete, so if the same pattern follows, the second season will be released in 2024, but no exact date is available. We will share the official news once we get our publisher.Release Date of Black Summoner Season 2


The studio did not give any official news regarding the release date, so no trailer is available. Fans can watch the trailer of the previous season or enjoy the first season till the second comes.


In the previous season, there were people with the ability to summon and control strong demons, which are known as summoners.

There is a voyage of Kanami, a skilled and enigmatic summoner. She started a quest to unearth her forgotten past and battle powerful foes. She faced many challenges during this journey.

The Black Summoner season 2 will start exactly where the first season ended. It will follow Kelvin’s adventures in the new world as he becomes stronger and learns more about his past. Furthermore, he will encounter allies, new enemies, and challenges that will test his skills.

In addition, Kanami will go into deeper mysteries of her history and uncover long-lasting facts that will determine her future and the course that her world’s fate will take.

These powers of darkness will become more intense, and new allies and opponents will be present. The protagonists confront their anxieties, make new relationships, face the consequences of their actions, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions.

Black Summoner Season 2 Spoiler

In the upcoming season, we will see Kelvin’s confrontation with Victor, the Demon Lord, who is the army leader and has a mysterious connection to him. He will encounter Clothe, another goddess who claims to be his true companion and wants to join her side.

It is the war between demons and humans, and Kevin’s role is considered an ancient prophecy. He has unique abilities and skills like black magic and the ability to summon multiple followers at once.

No doubt he has a relationship with his followers, especially Melfina, Sera, and Efil, but they have different feelings and expectations.Black Summoner Season 2 Spoiler

Who Will Appear in the Second Season

In the forthcoming season, just like actors, a voice cast will also be a part of the season. It makes the experience more extensive and important for content and needs. We expect all the previous stars to return in the next one.

These characters include Kki Uchiyama as Kelvin, Minori Suzuki as Sera, Reina Ueda as Melfina, Yume Miyamoto as Rion, Yousuke Anumoto as Gerard, and many others.

Besides, the voice cast Minori Suzuki as Sera, Yume as Rion, and Manaka as Efil are also performing in it. So, we will see all our favorite characters in the second season.

Platform to Watch the Black Summoner

The first season is available on Crunchyroll, along with English subtitles. The second will also stream on it once the release date has been confirmed. Besides this, season one is also available at AnimixPlay with English subtitles.

Reviews of First Season

The first season of Black Summoner gained much appreciation and popularity worldwide among anime fans. It is a captivating and action-packed experience that keeps the audience’s attention at the point from beginning to end. It became the must-watch series because of its breakthrough animation and fantasy world that gives the thrilling storyline. All the violent and beautiful battles create a lasting impact.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the upcoming season will give the fans a more exhilarating and terrifying experience. This series’s anime characters won fans’ hearts worldwide with stunning animation features and unforgettable characters. Everyone anxiously awaits how Kanami searches for the truth and fights with a lie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many episodes in the Second Season of Black Summoner?

Fans are waiting for the next season; the second will come soon. There were 13 episodes in the first season, so there will be almost 13 or 10 episodes next season.

Which Platform is Suitable for the second season?

Among many legal and illegal websites, Crunchyroll is the best place to watch this anime series.

Who is the director and writer of the Black Summoner season?

The director’s name is Yoshimasa Hiraike, who directed the series Beautiful. The water is Doufu Mayoi, who well-crafted the series.

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