#BlackLivesMatter: African-Americans Are Scared Now More Than Ever – LeBron James

by on August 25, 2020

The shooting of African American Jacob Blake by Wisconsin Police as he entered his SUV car has got many talking again on one too many incidents that has continued to befall black persons living in the United States of America.

Recall also that it was few months ago, outside a shop in Minneapolis that police officers kneeled on George Floyd’s neck as he was being pinned to the floor; and killed him in the process.

The latest to happen got individuals talking again, as basketball star LeBron James said he was again filled with grief and the same time wondered if incidents like these would ever end.

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Blake who was not possessing any firearm was shot severally at the back as he entered his SUV in Kenosha, Wincousin.

James who watched and commented on the video footage of the shooting, stressed that aside shooting the man, he asked if there were no other ways of subduing him.

“Watch the video and you will see that the police had several opportunity of grabbing him, but they preferred the use of firearms”, he said.

“He was shot in broad daylight and in presence of his children for that matter. This kind of act is totally unacceptable and not needed in our community”, he added.

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James added that lots of black men, women, and children are scared and unsure what tomorrow might bring to them.

The victim is recovering at an intensive care unit, as two police officers believed to be involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave.

The incident, resulted to protests by many individuals in Kenosha, US.

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