#BlackLivesMatter: Trump Tags Black-Clad Antifascist Movement “Terrorist Organization”.

by on May 31, 2020

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization”, President Trump tweeted on Sunday

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization”, President Trump tweeted on Sunday in response to reports of heavy looting and violation of public property.

President Trump accused the activist group ANTIFA of being devoid of any law and order, terming them “anarchists”.
He tweeted, “Get tough Democrat Mayors and Governors. These people are ANARCHISTS. Call in our National Guard NOW. The World is watching and laughing at you and Sleepy Joe. Is this what America wants? NO!!!”

“Law & Order in Philadelphia, NOW! They are looting stores. Call in our great National Guard like they FINALLY did (thank you President Trump) last night in Minneapolis. Is this what voters want with Sleepy Joe? All Dems!”, Trump updated a few minutes ago.

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ANTIFA has been linked to mass looting recorded during the protests, despite a lack of any concrete evidence. The group has  been condemned as irresponsible, as the attacks are mostly affecting black- owned businesses in the black dominated Minneapolis neighborhood.

What is ANTIFA?

Antifa is short for anti-fascists. The term has been used to define a broad group of people whose political beliefs lean toward the left— without fully agreeing with America’s Democratic Party platform. They are far from being conservatives, and still veering away from mainstream liberals.

Antifa members campaign against actions they view as authoritarian, homophobic, racist or xenophobic.

The group is said to be devoid of an official leader or headquarters, although groups in certain states hold regular meetings.
ANTIFA is best known for employing radical or militant tactics to get their message across.

Where Is ANTIFA From?

The exact origins of the group are unknown, but Antifa can be traced to Nazi Germany and Anti-Fascist Action, a militant group founded in the 1980s in the United Kingdom.

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Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, says the modern American Antifa movement began in the 1980s with a group called Anti-Racist Action.

Does Trump Have Enough Legal Grounds To Blacklist ANTIFA?

Because Antifa is not an organization in the true sense of the word, it does not have a leader, membership roles or any defined, centralized structure. Rather, it is a vaguely defined movement of people who share common protest tactics and targets.

More importantly, even if Antifa were a real organization, the laws that permit the US Federal Government to deem entities terrorists and impose sanctions on them are limited to foreign groups. There is no domestic terrorism law, despite periodic proposals to create one.

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Twitter Users say:
“Trump announced today that he will designate Antifa as a terrorist organisation.
But it isn’t an organisation – there’s no structure, no membership, no leader; it’s an identity. If you are against fascism, you are Antifa.
Effectively, he has criminalised opposition to fascism”.

“Exactly the right move. Last year @SenBillCassidy & I called on @realDonaldTrump to designate #Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. These violent radicals are wreaking havoc in cities across the country. We must stop them before more people get hurt or killed”, Senator Ted Cruz said.

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