Body Of Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh Found Dismembered In Apartment, Brutally Murdered

by on July 15, 2020

The body of millionaire tech entrepreneur, Fahim Saleh, 33, was on Tuesday, found decapitated and dismembered next to an electrical saw in his luxury Manhattan apartment by his sister.

Saleh was discovered by his sister who went to check on him in his luxury New York City apartment, because she had not heard from him in one day.

She reportedly informed the police, before going to the seventh floor unit to check on her brother, raising the alarm upon finding his dismembered body in his home.

He had been cut up with a power saw, which was lying nearby and was still plugged in. Police sources said the body parts had been sorted into different plastic bags.

Saleh was last seen Monday afternoon on surveillance cameras getting into the elevator with the suspect. The suspected killer was carrying a bag and wearing a mask and gloves at the time, and resulting footage has led cops to believe that Saleh was attacked as soon as he walked into his apartment.

Parts of Saleh’s body had been cut up and placed into bags and then distributed about the apartment. Saleh was described by friends as a self-made millionaire who had set up a motorbike hailing app in Nigeria.

Friends said he was a self-made millionaire who had a passion for gadgets and video games. He also enjoyed bringing tech companies into underdeveloped nations including Nigeria and Indonesia.

‘The perp had a suitcase. He was very professional,’ one police source told the Daily News.

Sources told the New York Post that as the pair rode up to the seventh floor apartment together, Saleh appeared puzzled. No sooner had he stepped out of the elevator – which opened directly into his home – the attack began.

He fell to the floor after either likely being shot or stunned, the footage reportedly shows. The way he was killed has led cops to believe the murder was carried out by a professional.

Police found that Saleh’s legs below the knees and his arms had been removed, with the missing body parts placed into bags. Surprisingly, there was very little blood. The New York Times reported that some effort had been made to clear up evidence.

Saleh, who was born in Saudi Arabia but whose family is Bengali, bought his luxury pad for $2.25 million last year and was clearly proud of his purchase – regularly posting pictures and video on his Instagram.

The firm, Gokada, recently faced severe setbacks after being banned earlier this year by the Nigerian government. It was forced to lay off staff and pivot from being a ride-sharing service to a delivery courier.

After the ban was enacted, the firm stopped bringing in money and around 800 bikers working for Gorkada were also immediately laid off. Saleh, never one to give up, was working on new ideas and a new direction for the firm.

On June 2, he tweeted: ‘Have a very good feeling about 2020.’

The company, following the ban, decided to attempt to pivot and become a delivery and logistics company with a new boat hailing service that would run vessels that could hold up to 24 people – but then the global pandemic struck, putting future plans on hold.

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