BOKO HARAM | Commanders from the South better than those from the North – Shettima

by on February 5, 2018

Kashim Shettima, the governor of Borno, on Monday, February 5,  said the Boko Haram insurgency regained momentum after 2016 because of the removal of the hardworking Southern Commanders at the theatre of war.

Shettima said he was surprised and disappointed at the same time to observe that commanders who are from the southern states of Nigeria did much better in tackling the Boko Haram menace than their counterparts from the North.

“The last Theatre Commander who is even a northerner had woefully failed to perform,” said Mr. Shettima.

“When General Leo Irabor, another southerner, was leaving, he left the Boko Haram insurgents in their degraded state. But the insurgents picked up their hostility shortly after he left,” he said.

Mr. Shettima said the recent victories of the military over Boko Haram were as a result of the change of guard at the Military command and control centre.

“Some of our greatest accomplishments in the current counterinsurgency efforts were recorded under army generals who are not from Borno and northern Nigeria.

“And what we have recorded in the last six weeks outweighs what was accomplished in the last three years, especially under General Nicholas who is yet another hero of our time.

Mr. Shettima said the current tempo of the fight can only be sustained if the federal government doubles its support for the troops especially now that the rainy seasons are over.

“We want the federal government to deploy more resources and sustain the current tempo before the rainy season sets in”, said the governor.

“We need to root out the Boko Haram now before the now dry Sambisa forest becomes an impregnable fortress for Boko Haram”.

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  • keyz
    February 5, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    What do you expect to kill their brothers?, They are all init together, Even presido, That is why he made all the security heads northerners and not just that, From his state, You can just use the fulani herdsmen to know how your presido feels about boko,


  • Waheed M Lekan
    February 5, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    Kudos, to those that did well and God will reward everyone accordingly. But we also thank God for President Buhari to records this success under his Government. May God continue to be with those that means well for this country.


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