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    the future of a better Nigeria is near God will bless our leader who are not compromising in their true fight against corruption

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    pls Mr. Buhari should monitor the activities of governing councils of federal universities so that the governing councils will allowed CBN e-payment of salaries of federal university staff this will reduced corruption by 70% in our federal universities caused by the so called governing councils

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    Shehu Shuaib

    Hello Nigerians,
    If Andrew Yakubu is ever allowed to escape justice Nigeria and Nigerians will be a laughing stock to the whole wide World and it will take decades to erode derogatory reference. Nobody should ever be allowed to be above the Law no matter how influential he / she may be. Nigerian leaders should realise that whatever you sow you shall reap no matter how long you postpone it.
    Long Live Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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