BREAKING| Indonesian man, Reynhard Sinaga, sentenced 30 years for raping 180 men in Britain

by on January 7, 2020

Reynhard Sinaga, a student from Indonesia, has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 30 years for committing 136 rapes in Manchester. Prosecutors say he is the most prolific rapist in Britain, possibly the world.

Sinaga is convicted of sexual offences against 48 men. But police say he raped many more who they have not been able to identify.

Sinaga doped the men with a drug like GHB. They were all unconscious during the rapes and none of them remember what happened

Sinaga filmed the rapes on his phones. One man woke up when the drug wore off during an attack. When the police arrested Sinaga they found hundreds of hours of films.

Police watched the rape films on Sinaga’s phones to then try and contact the men involved. They are still unable to trace 70 of the victims.

Most of the men Sinaga raped were heterosexual and in their late teens / early 20s. They’d gone out for the night in Manchester and accepted Sinaga’s invitation back to his flat so they could use his phone or call a cab.

Sentencing, judge Suzanne Goddard QC called Sinaga a “monster” and observed that he “seemed to be enjoying the trial process even as he stands here to be sentenced”

The scale of Sinaga’s offending is so huge that the case had to be split into 4 trials. We can only now report it, that the final trial has finished.

Two of Sinaga’s many victims were in court to see him sentenced. Of course all of them are entitled to lifetime anonymity.

The court heard that Sinaga’s victims have suffered terribly since finding out they were raped. Some have been unable to contemplate telling their families. Others have had suicidal thoughts.

The cases of 48 of Sinaga’s victims are part of this prosecution. Other men chose not to go through the courts process. Still more are yet to be identified. The police have footage of 195 men. They say the total number may never be known.

The first the men knew about their rapes was when they were later contacted by police and counsellors who broke the news to them.

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