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#BreakingTimesIsOne | My Resolve About Nigerian Youths

by on October 1, 2015

By Anthony Ehilebo

Today is the first of October 2015 and this is my first ever-published article. Yes I have written to clients, on behalf of clients and to boards and executives. At some point I had written to the entire student and teacher body of the University of Buckingham, during a protracted SUG election, which had gone into crisis mode. I had gusto and momentum using styles copied from Dr Rueben Abati’s many articles in “The Guardian on Friday” which I had digested for years growing up.

But I have never written for public consumption before today.

I turned thirty five on Monday 28th of September, 2015 with one very strong resolve, to begin to write about my opinion on issues, some of which I share on the very limited 140 character permitted by Twitter, that is if and when I find the time to drop a few lines.

Incidentally, today is Nigeria’s 55th year as an independent country, free from the Queen Reagent of the United Kingdom’s imperial control. We were from the first day of October 1960; free to choose whatever collective destiny we wanted as a people with an abundance of natural and human resource.

Nigeria has the largest population of the black race in one space on the planet, with a staggering conservative estimate of one 178 million people with a landmass of 923, 768 square kilometres.

We have had our fair share of turbulent governmental transitions, which every successful nation has had and overcome, albeit done over time. Evolution in motion. Nigeria I want to believe is in her evolution cycle and as such all key component units of her composition too are experiencing this same evolution, Her population, systems, culture and societal segments are all affected.

Today we are well into the 17th year of democracy in her fourth republic, led by a former military leader whose election was a high intensity atmosphere event, to which every foreseeable result was a cataclysmic end to this nation, the story is different today as a result of one phone call.

Yes, a concession phone call ensured our continued existence; hope yet again, that we can at least live to keep “trying in some form of relative peace”. Trying to be that great nation we are destined to be.

I love Nigeria and everything Nigerian. It is one cause I believe in.

I also love the Nigerian youth and as I have mentioned to people close to me and on Twitter that this will be my last year in that category of youth as I will be respecting our National Youth Policy which caps it at 35 as the upper limit for a description and definition. I pay attention to this age range because it has been said to be by so many internationally recognised commissioned reports as our greatest asset between now and 2030.

Every “wiseman” preserves and treasures his greatest asset. Nigeria and Nigerians must not only treasure our “The Nigerian Youth” (aged between 18 to 35 years) it must ensure the education and optimal retooling of this “Our Greatest Asset” to become the reality of this prediction.

I will henceforth write about Nigeria, the Nigerian Youth and the critical interface that occurs, and must occur within this evolutionary cycle towards achieving this prediction.

Like every dream, you must have a vehicle to project your cause, an online newspaper www.thebreakingtimes.com is the medium I have chosen to publish my first article and it is significant that I am doing this on the day of the one year anniversary of this medium.

Looking back, the newspaper has come a long way and by the grace of God, looks poised to go very far. I salute the team at Breaking Times for their doggedness in breaking news in the interest of the people at all times.


Anthony Ehilebo, a lawyer and alumnus of the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom, is the publisher of Breaking Times.

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  • Pst. Larry Hover
    October 1, 2015 at 6:18 pm

    I must commend you for your erudite article. One of the things I have aligned myself with is accepting the fact that our greatest assets is to become the reality of our prediction. Happy Birthday @btbreakingtimes. Keep the flag flying. You have out full support.


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