Breast Milk, Cure for Covid-19: Research Continues Amidst Controversy

by on May 1, 2020

Popular medical personnel and Twitter personality, Dr. Harvey Olufunmi, whose Twitter handle is @OurFavOnlineDoc has stirred up the controversial information that breast milk is still being studied as a potential remedy for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Harvey, strongly advises against patronizing unknown sources of said breast milk. She however posited that the research is still active in the United States.

The research is spearheaded by the assistant professor of medicine, Division of Infectious diseases, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, New York, Rebecca Powell.

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Dr. Powell’s research focuses the possibility of finding antibodies in breast milk. The professor is giving special attention to women who may have been infected with Covid-19. These women are among those who have subsequently overcome the virus.

Dr. Powell has, since the beginning of April, begun an active study of lactating mothers. The medical expert bases her hypotheses on the fact that proportions of milk contain antibodies which originated in the blood. These, according to her could serve as a weapon against Covid-19.

Breast milk is well reputed for numerous health benefits. These benefits include a 73% decreased risk of sudden infant death syndrome and increased intelligence.

There is also decreased likelihood of contracting middle ear infections, cold and flu resistance as a result of exclusive breastfeeding.

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Breast milk also ensures a decreased risk of asthma and eczema , and a decreased risk of developing psychological disorders.

Although rumors are spreading that breast milk could contain COVID-19 antibodies, other doctors maintain the lack of evidence to support such claims.  

“There’s no proof that breast milk at all can cure COVID or give you antibodies,” Dr. Dyan Hys, a pediatrician with New York City’s Gramercy Pediatrics, insisted in an interview with CBS news.

“There’s no data that I know of that has been published yet about it.” Dr. Hys stressed. He emphasized the danger of online bought breast milk, as the substance could be easily replaced with something less wholesome.

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