BT Entertainment: Rapists Should Be Castrated When Caught – Nollywood Actress, Halima

by on August 30, 2020

Nigerian Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar gave her opinion on what she thinks should be done to rapists, by saying that they should be castrated when caught.

The actress reacted to the much perpetrated rape crime happening in the country via her page on Instagram.

Expressing her dissatisfaction on way it is being handled in Nigeria, the actress stressed that fighting against it always end in futility, adding that it will keep going on and on.

Rapists are savages and contamination to our society. To that regard, individuals must learn how to protect not only themselves, but other persons as well.

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She further warned against show of negligence on others, saying rapists should immediately be castrated, as that should be the punishment for rape offenses.

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