Buhari Bars Nigerian Twitter Users From Replying His Tweets

by on January 21, 2021

By Onwuka Gerald

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, locked his social media account on a micro blogging app known as Twitter and in the process, blocked users of the app in Nigeria from replying to his tweets.

The BREAKING TIMES gathered that President Buhari in past months, has come under serious scrutiny as well as ridicule on the Bird app where users either reply his tweets whether on serious or unserious situations with comments like “I follow back” (IFB) or “Tolu hand over the account back to the owner”.

Contrary to the impression that the media handlers of the Nigerian President is trying to give the public that the president is loved, it is now obvious that Nigerians are not only disappointed but also regard his government as a coarse goverment in the last 5 years

The President who has been away from the public in the past few months since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic is giving people more reasons to believe that all may not be well with the governance system in Nigeria.

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