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Buhari is alive, Yemi Osinbajo under no pressure to resign – Presidency

by on January 26, 2017
The Federal Government has dismissed widespread speculations and rumours that President Muhammadu Bu­hari was dead.
The Government described such reports as “silly” and af­firmed that the President is alive and well – contrary to the mis­leading reports on the social me­dia.
The Federal Government also denied claims that the Act­ing President Yemi Osinbajo was under pressure to resign.
The Government threatened to deal with those behind the ru­mours and other dangerous news aimed at dividing the country.
The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Moham­med, who spoke on the develop­ment on Wednesday, described the swirling rumour of Buhari’s death in a London hospital as a “silly thing.”
Mohammed responded to questions from State House Correspondents at the end of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting in Abuja. He said that there were more pertinent is­sues to discuss than indulging in irrelevances.
He said: “I don’t want to lend my voice to a very silly thing. I will not join this debate. I think there are more serious issues of state to discuss than this issue.
“It’s only in this part of the world that you wake up in the morning and you say the presi­dent of the country is dead. I will not join that kind of debate at all”.
Earlier in a statement, Mo­hammed described as false and misleading the rumours mak­ing the rounds on social me­dia and via text messages on the health status of President Buha­ri, saying the fabricated messages were orchestrated by those who feel threatened by the emerging order.
Mohammed said that there was no iota of truth in the mes­sages being circulated on the health of the President, “who is hale and hearty”. He said there was no emergency meeting of the state governors in Abuja or anywhere.
He said that the naysayers have also resorted to the use of ethnicity and religion as tools to divide Nigerians, overheat the polity and cause panic among the citizenry, in addition to using fake news and disinformation to dis­tort government activities.
The minister said that while opposition and criticism were all parts of democracy, the crafting and circulation of subversive ma­terials and scare-mongering were not, “hence the full wrath of the law will be brought to bear on those who are bent on subvert­ing the state.
‘’The source/sources of the fabricated messages are already being investigated and the au­thors should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions.
‘’The emerging trend of re­sorting to destabilisation and scare-mongering is not unex­pected, considering this govern­ment’s clampdown on corrupt elements in the society, the plug­ging of all financial leaks which have derailed the gravy train of the looters of public treasury and the enthronement of probity and transparency in the polity.
‘’While we will neither stifle press freedom nor abridge the cit­izens’ right to express themselves freely, whether through criticism or protests, the security agencies will neither allow any resort to vi­olence nor a wilful subversion of the state for whatever reason,’’ he warned.
Meanwhile, the Special Ad­viser on Political Affairs to the President, Babafemi Ojudu, has dismissed reports that some gov­ernors were mounting pressure on Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, to resign from office.
In a statement he issued yes­terday, Ojudu said: “I have read many ridiculous stories saying the Acting President, Prof Yemi Osi­nbajo, is being held by some gov­ernors who are trying to compel him to resign.
“I have equally received sever­al calls regarding this. The story is simply not true. It is a fabrication. Don’t be a purveyor of fake news.
“The Acting President is be­hind his desk carrying out his task. The Federal Executive Council presided over by him has just end­ed and he has been busy receiving visitors and holding meetings.”

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  • ak47riffle
    January 26, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Biblically,its a sin for a mortal human beign to wish is fellow man dead.My prayer is,to wish our president quick recovery from is illness.
    “Man proposes,but God disposes”,but if the unforseen actually happens,like death to say,the constitution,guarantees the second in command to take tha place of the dead president.But the rumour spreading all over the country,that some governors ,though not specified from which region,held the vice president ransome to resign,for the senate president to mount the position of president is uncalled for.
    I want to sound this loud and clear to the Northerners,in case the uneventual happens to PMB,quote me and pass this important message accross to your FULANIS and HAUSAS together,that”HE OSINBAJO,BY VIRTUE OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERAL REPUPLIC OF NIG ,WILL MOUNT THE POSITION OF PRESIDENT”.
    Furthermore,any attempt to scurtle this,is a call for war,which eventually,you are bound to be defeated.
    NIG of today has metermophosised into an advance country in all aspect:economically,technologically,politically, etc.The Nig of today is not the Nig of 1966,pls let that stick into your scull and try to educate your almagiris of going into another civil war which may lead to the evantual destruction of the NORTH.
    A stich in time saves nine,you are warn!ALL EYES ON THE NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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