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    Musa yahaya yusufari

    Comment..Actually the situation is no more bearable. There is a problem in his administration although all his supporters don’t want to listen and vow out his leakages. He cannot rule Nigeria alone using old term formula. Let him call out for help I am sure many are waiting to give out their helping hand to move the nation high.

    1. 1.1

      Ulor, Christogonus

      Quack….they uncorrupted Nigerians are happy with our dear president….. “Is only the largest eater’s of Lion meat are complaining (sic)

  2. 2


    Can someone tell this so called archbishop to please preach what he knows. If he dosnt know what to preach from the biblle he should leave politics and the president alone. If he cannot tell his congregants that corruption is the source of the current suffering in Nigeria now, it means he is misleading people. It shows he delighted in the looting of the nation’s treasure by Jonathan and his gang of thieves. I wonder why christians dont see corruption as sin.
    The bishop is crying now because the tap of corruption is finally being turned off. I leave in South Africa, l have never read of this type of thievry being reported in Nigeria.
    All well meaning Nigerians should support the president to bring sanity to country. The pain of the moment is temporary. We have to go through it for the good of tommorow.

  3. 3


    Comment…truth is bitter.corupt Nigerians the man of God said d truth

  4. 4

    Xantan Chukwu

    @Godwin..u leav in south africa not Nigeria…so shut d hell up..come and see d masses sufer..he is a public figure..so put d shit to d up…

  5. 5


    It’s only demonic souls that support how buhari is punishing the masses. Buharis children are abroad schooling. His son is busy flying first class ticket with airlines. His wife is indicted in Halliburton bribery scandal, etc. He’s busy witchhunting oppositon or anybody who speaks against how he’s ruining Nigeria, enriching himself and promoting corruption. Where is the money he said he recorvered? How much is it? Corruption can’t fight corruption.
    Now he’s after governor Fayose with EFCC because that one has been bold to advice him to run Nigeria as a democrat and fulfil the promises he (buhari) made to Nigerians.
    I trust God to fight for the masses against this APC govt that came on board as enemy of Nigerian masses. They lied to Nigerian masses who trusted and voted them into power. There is God, Buhari and APC!

  6. 6


    God Himself will end this govt.


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