Buhari Lacks Capacity To Tackle Insecurity – Coalition Of Northern Group

by on December 28, 2020

By Onwuka Gerald

The Coalition of Northern Groups has cautioned that Nigeria is drifting into a failed nation under the President Buhari-led government following his manifest lack of capacity and political will to tackle insecurity.

The group’s spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman made this known in chat with reporters in Kaduna.

The CNG’s spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said that dead economy, the erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions and the inability to provide public services were all signs of a failed state.

He continued that among the toxic mix that justify Nigeria’s failure as a state were poverty, corruption, ineffective governance, crime, violence, forced displacement and sectarian and ethnic conflict which are all evident.

His words, “With all the symptoms of a failing state manifesting such as the loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force therein, no Nigerian would be bamboozled into believing that so many things are not wrong.

“Other signs of failing as a nation manifested long ago in the form of erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions and inability to provide public services”, Suleiman said.

“The Nations economy had been so endangered that we have had to dive into two major recessions in period of five years which is uncalled for.

“Nigeria is today unable to provide fundamental societal requirements and basic services to its citizens such as health, education, housing, welfare, employment, security, justice, governance and human rights amongst others”.

On the issue of security challenges across the country, Suleiman said the Presidency lacked the political will to thwart the spate of insecurity across the land.

“There appears to be a massive void in the political will and capacity to challenge the current daunting security challenges bedeviling the country at the moment in which the government must act now or risk sinking the country for good”, Suleiman added.

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