Buhari Not Ready To End Herdsmen Killings – Waku

by on May 17, 2018

Helpless Nigerians in the hands of killer-herdsmen expecting to see the end of the ugly development may wait for long, despite the promises by the Federal Government.

Senator Joseph Waku who spoke on the matter on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari and his Service Chiefs were not prepared to end the menace.

A former federal law maker of Benue state extraction, prophesied the prolonged doom’s day following the refusal of President Muhammodu Buhari to remove the service Chiefs as demanded by the National Assembly among other concerned Nigerians.

Speaking in reaction to the state of the nation with journalists in Kaduna, particularly on the killing spree by suspected Fulani herdsmen, Waku who appeared to have lost confidence in the ability of the sitting service chiefs to do the needful said the present state of affairs will remain the same until the right people are in position of authority.

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“The state of the nation, security wise in Nigeria today is appalling. What is happening in terms of maiming and killings arising from Fulani herdsmen/farmers clash is a disaster for this country”, he described stressing that “with the prevailing situation, nobody dare go to farm anymore.

“From all indications, our security has failed and there can be no better description than to say this, hence I concurred the calling by the National Assembly that all service chiefs be fired but rather, they have had their tenures extended”, Waku lamented.

He recalled that in his recent interview with The Sun newspaper, he did explained what extension of one’s tenure of office means for better understanding saying “when you extend somebody’s tenure of office it means he has carried out a successful assignment not yet satisfactorily concluded.

“Thus, you give him more time, an opportunity, to carry out the job to a logical conclusion. Be that as it may, what the extension given to the service chiefs mean now is that yes, there were killings but not killings have been achieved, they should therefore be allowed to kill as many as possible before changing them.

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“If this was not the case, why keeping them when they are doing nothing to make a difference”, he queried as according to him “they are even over due for retirement, let alone removing them”.

Speaking further, he vehemently condemned the refusal of Inspector General (IG) of Police’s disrespected to constituted authorities such as his disobey the presidential order to move to Benue during the blood bath occasioned by the Fulani herdsmen/farmers clash and the refusal to honour the National Assembly’s invitation to appear before the law makers.

While declaring that “this is not the best” of an appointed officer, Senator Waku said if he were Mr President he would have sacked him for flouting his order but “but the President knows why he kept him there, maybe to do his bidding and the bidding is to allow Nigerians to be killed we do not know.

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“In all the developments, what I have to say now is that Nigeria will continue to be what it is until we have the right people in the right position”, the senator remarked.

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