Buhari Not to Blame for Economic Woes – Eze of Nri Kingdom

by on September 18, 2016
The traditional ruler of Nri Kingdom, in Anambra State, Eze Obidiegwu Onyesoh has urged Nigerians to stop blaming President Muhammad Buhari for the woes the country is pass­ing through.
He said all Nigerians, especially the past leader­ship in the country con­tributed to the country’s problem. “We all spoilt this country by our actions and inactions. Corruption was institutionalized in the country. Everybody acted with impunity. There was no discipline anywhere. So, we should stop blam­ing Buhari.
“We should blame our­selves and do some self-examination. Buhari is not our headache. The troubles were there before he came in. The country was loot­ed massively. It’s easier to destroy than to build. We should allow Buhari to re­construct this country. He met it in shambles”, the monarch noted.
He stated this while briefing journalists at his palace to mark the tradi­tional ‘Onwa Asato’ cel­ebration of this year’s new yam festival of his king­dom.
He said there were myths surrounding new yam fes­tivals.
According to the mon­arch, “Igbo mythology has it that when Nri became hungry and needed some­thing to eat, he found yam sprouting from his son’s grave and when he uproot­ed it, cooked it and ate it, it tasted good.
“This is why yam is ven­erated among the Igbo and anyone who deliber­ately damage yam crops, is treated as a murderer.
New yam festivals, he explained, followed an injunction by God to the people of Israel to offer their first crop on the sev­enth month of the lunar calendar.
On whether the Igbo could fashion out one day for new yam festival, On­yesoh said it would not be possible because of the republican nature of the Igbo.

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