Buhari, Please Don’t Shut Down Nigeria

by on August 17, 2015

By Nduka Udoka Mike

I recently read an article published on CNN iReport and my question remains, must there be selective justice in this pursuance of corrupt officials. If GEJ was a Northerner or a retired military man would he have been probed or his talked about corrupt government a means to fight him dirty in case he has the intention to contest again in Nigeria?

I abhor corruption and if we must fight corruption, we must uproot if from the source and not selectively irrespective of whose ox is gored. However, the APC government should be careful the way they go about their so called fight against corruption. He who lives in a glass house does not throw stones. Today the highly revered Bishop Hassan Kukah is been criticized by the APC goons for suggesting that while the investigation to the alleged corrupt practices be carried out, the act of governance should go on. There has been so much noise about probe! Probe! Probe! Everywhere and all the time!

Why have the EFCC and the Likes of DSS- corruption department not invited former governor Fashola of Lagos State. Has it not come to their notice some financial scandals in his government? Has it also not come to the notice of these anti-corruption agencies the case of ALPHA-BETA Consultants and Lagos Internal Generated Revenue been handled by this said consultancy firm? Who owns ALPHA-BETA? Who is the biggest landlord in West Africa and who owns Oriental hotel and how did he make the money? I guess the owner is not corrupt and has no questions to answer even the accomplice in such criminal act…the ex-governor Fashola?

Recently, a governor in Edo state who has less than a year to spend in office, through Mr. President requested that a loan of $75M be granted the governor via senate approval without questions. Even as the said governor has a debt of over $300M on him since he took over governance in that state.

An article release by Amanpour has a record of all the monies stashed in banks in America by these same governors. The likes of Okorocha etc. all made the list. The former governor of Kano State is also free of corruption? How come his successor wants to open up the can of worms. The likes of T.A Orji of Abia State, Amaechi of Rivers etc. I hope Buhari and his APC members will be sincere and objective in this fight against corruption because what is good for the goose is good for the ganders. Mr. President, throw away sentiments and fight against perceived enemies/opposition and do the right thing as an elder statesman so that Nigeria be great again like you said.

Don’t shut Nigeria down in the name of probing, set up your team and make your policy direction known. Constitute your ministers and hit the ground running. The days of campaigns and propaganda are over. Face the real Nigerian situation please and stop all these unnecessary excuses.

Long live Nigeria and let not the labor of our heroes past be in vain.

About Nduka Udoka Mike:

He is a technology enthusiast and can be reached on twitter via @mike_phronesis.


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