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    akin sodimu

    It is crystal clear now, that governor Ayodele Fayose is not finding governance easy at his Ekiti home state, because, he is now gradually reaping what he sowed. Before and after the election that usher in Buhari to power, he continued relentlessly making speeches that are morbid, crude and reckless, may be he will soon realize that democratic governance cannot be achieved through hooliganism and motor pack politics. Ayodele Fayose will soon realize that human beings can fool human beings, but human beings cannot fool God. Fayose may be rich materially, but he is not mentally rich, moreover judging him by his behaviors, it shows that he is not from a good home. As a governor that he is, I will not like to say Ekiti people has voted for a human beast, but I know they would have learnt from their irreversible mistake now, and when next they are to vote, they will vote for an intelligent and benevolent human being.


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