Buhari went into Coma on July 6th, He needs to return to Daura, to rest – Fayose

by on August 24, 2017

Governor Ayodele Fay­ose has said that he stood by his position on the health of Buhari when he was on medical treatment abroad.

The governor said that there is so much to be done in the coun­try such that a sick President might be unable to attend to them, add­ing that Buhari should be allowed leave office and go to Daura to rest.

Fayose stated this at a meeting he held with political officeholders in the Government House in Ado Ekiti on Wednesday, adding that the relentless agitation by him and the “ResumeOrResign” campaign­ers were responsible for the sudden return of the President.

The governor said that Buhari went into coma on July 6th, noting that the statement made by those who visited him in London that his recovery was a miracle, attest­ed to the fact of his claim.

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He claimed that the weekly FEC meeting was put off on account of the President’s illhealth, stressing that Buhari could not resume in his office but working from home and not because of rodents as his media handlers want Nigerians to believe.

“I have said it severally and without apologies. Everything I said when the President was away, I stand by them. The President ac­tually went into a coma and this was attested to by what one of the gover­nors who visited him when he was abroad said; that his recovery was a miracle.

“When somebody’s recovery is a miracle it simply means some­thing very serious happened to the person. Since the President cannot disclose his health status and also the extent of his ailment, it appar­ently shows that there is so much to hide

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“Not until civil societies and people like us started making noise, nothing tangible was done by the Presidency. You can’t be our Pres­ident without us knowing what is happening to you.

“So, for me, the President went into a coma on July 6th. Today, they can come back and organise ral­lies and all attested to the fact that the President recovered by miracle, which we are glad about.

“When you look at the Presi­dent physically, you will see that he is emaciated, tired and weak. You don’t have to be President at all cost. When you are tired, you go home.

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“But I want to tell you that Ni­geria needs a President that is ag­ile and strong. The job is too much for an individual who does not have what it takes. It is a common say­ing that health is wealth. Every­thing is about health. We wish him well and we want him to recover, but the President should throw in the towel and go home,” he insisted.

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  • Specs
    August 24, 2017 at 11:14 am

    What matters to me and i believe to most other Nigerians at this point in time is how to survive in this country . We the masses are very hungry for food .
    Whether the president was in coma for one minute or for 103 days is very irrelevant to me now . My concern is let there be actions by the governance that will enable me be able to cater for my family .
    All these long talks don’t just make sense to me .


  • Lawal Abdullahi
    August 24, 2017 at 11:41 am

    Fayose is desperate to save his face. As such allow him to keep embarrassing himself because “empty vessels make the most noise “.


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