Buhari’s operations with kinsmen

by on April 3, 2016

By Comrade Abdulbaqi Jari

It was widely believed that President Muhammad Buhari would immediately direct for the investigation of former government officials who are believed to have looted public funds during their administration. Though it did not came as expected. The President concentrated much on security after his swearing in than on recovering the looted treasure. I agree with his thoughts. Security of lives and properties is the number one and primary responsibility of any functioning government.

After about 40 days since his swearing in, the big news starts to come as expected. A former governor and his sons are currently detained in prison per courts order, another former governor from North East and his son also, Two former governors invited by the EFCC. A former governor went into self house arrest. Some of them are even his party men. Since the swearing in of President Buhari, the EFCC resuscitated it self. It started visiting States, Katsina included. For me, these are signs of good things to come. Now that the investigation has started with the President’s kinsmen (Hausa, Muslims, APC and Northerners), when it reaches to other sides of the country, Nigerians should see it as a moral responsibility from the President and not witch hunting.

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Recovering stolen money is sacrosanct. There should be no scared goat. Mr. President should double his effort on security and economic discipline. Nigerians should be the vanguard for change and a better Nigeria. A better Nigeria is in our interest and for the sake of our generations to come.

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