Buhari’s Weakness Cause of Multiple Agitations Across Nigeria – Northern Elders

by on March 22, 2021

The Northern Elders Forum has in a rare incident, blamed the ‘weakness’ of President Muhammadu Buhari for all the agitations and conflicts between ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The NEF in a communique signed by Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, its Director of Publicity and Advocacy, said Nigeria’s greatest problem is the dissenting voices from all quarters of the country and Buhari’s ineffective leadership.

The group further stated that it observed that these threats of balkinazation were aimed at clinching power at the 2023 General election, adding that the North will not be threatened to submission.

“The only voices being heard are those which demand the balkanization of the country, or encourage dangerous politics and other acts that pitch some communities against others.”

“People who believe they can intimidate or threaten the North into submitting to their demands are grossly mistaken”.

The North also wants a Nigeria which addresses at least a minimum of its requirements, and these are many.

Like all other Nigerians, it believes this country must meet particular and general interests, and no group’s interest is superior to the other’s.

“There is a long way to go before 2023. Our democratic process must not be made the hostage to dangerous and shortsighted politics.

“There are politicians who think weakening the country is their best guarantee for achieving their goals. Groups which are floating irredentist agendas to blackmail others do not impress the North.

“It is vital that elected leaders find the will to reduce the damage of opportunistic politicians.

If, as it clearly appears to be the case, they cannot do this, citizens with the capacity to influence opinion and chart a course towards a safer country for all citizens should get involved.

“At the most minimal level, attacks on Fulani communities who live peacefully with communities in the South must stop.”

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