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Buhari’s/APC Fuel Subsidy Is A Scam Planned Months Ago To Decieve Us – Lawyer

by on May 17, 2016

Buhari/APC are very smart. I now understand the format.

Make Fuel scarce for 8months.

Make Nigerians very Frustrated.

Make them buy it at exorbitant prices from 150-250 Naira per litre.

Make it very difficult to even get the fuel even at that price.

Make them beg for black market fuel at N300 per Litre.

Continue to blame Gej and Pdp for the fuel Scarcity.

Make FX scarce. Make people queue for hours and ignore their cries and pains.

Tap into a typical Nigerian’s excessive calmness, patience and dislike to queue and suffer.

Promise them Fuel Scarcity would end May 7th.

Re-Introduce the Fuel Scarcity on May 9th.

Make people start begging Buhari/APC to ‪#‎endfuelqueues‬.

Send Buhari to the U.K on May 10th to disgrace us and tell the whole world “Yes Nigeria is Fantastically Corrupt” to deflect attention on what is going back home.

Increase Fuel price from N97 to N145 on May 11th without considering the masses or providing any palliative to cushion the effects of the massive inflation that would result from it to further impoverish Nigerians.

Lie to Nigerians that NLC and all the Governors and Senators are in support. ( Meanwhile its not true)

Change the narrative that ‪#‎OccupyNigeria‬ 1 wasn’t about reversal of Fuel subsidy under GEJ but because they didn’t trust GEJ to do it well because he was corrupt.

Promote a lot of Social media activists and APC fans living outside Nigeria to tell the world why the new fuel subsidy removal is the best thing to happen to Nigeria since Fried Rice and Chicken because they trust Buhari.

Forget to remind Nigerians that since we do not have 24 hours light, we rely on Generators to run businesses and homes.

For example i spend 20 liters daily on my car to shuttle between Mainland and Lekki. I suffer at least 2 hours of Traffic inside heat so the A/C must be on. If i buy Fuel now for N145 per litre, that means i spend N87,000 a month on Fuel in my car. (Where i wan see am?)

When i get home i must buy at least 10 litres every day for the home Generator. That’s N43,500 in a month Making a total of N130,500 a month on Fuel. Let me not add the 20liters per day i buy to run my office generator o!

I have not added cost of food, Fashola’s (aka Minister of Darkness) new high increment in Nepa bills, taxes, food, inflation on every damn thing and miscellaneous expenses.

Why then would Nigerians not be Fantastically Corrupt to survive when Buhari’s Government only understands Increment, taxes, tolls, pain and suffering and the minimum wage is N18,000 per month while they rejected just 2 weeks ago to increase workers wages. APC lied that if Buhari wins the election, Fuel would be N40 per litre. Little did we know they meant N145 per litre. Every single thing Buhari met in May 2015 has increased 100% just under one year.

We could live with his bland and vapid economic policies but why compound it with an 80% increase from N86 to N145? This is beyond heartless and cruel. Nobody deserves this kind of wickedness. Even convicted Murders don’t deserve this kind of suffering talk less of hard working Nigerians.

Since May 29 2015 almost everyone i know has complained that Business has been bad and their wallets are getting slimmer. No economic improvement or sign of better things to come. Rather its one propaganda or the other about how Minister A chop money or Governor F Stole $100 billion meanwhile the hard working Nigerians who have nothing to do with it are getting hungrier everyday and starving because there is no economic blue print but out of the blues ..BOOM!!! N145 per liter. Pay it or jump into the Lagoon.

To you guys abroad supporting the wicked policies of Buhari on twitter or Facebook, don’t think you are exempt from it. The families/relatives you left behind in Nigeria are going to suffer it too and you would be getting daily calls from Nigeria for you to send Western Union because “Hunger they catch them”. The money you intended to use to do something good or feed your family would finally end up in a petrol station in Lagos till you finally get fed up.

NLC over to you. We would join you whenever your ready to shut Nigeria down with #OccupyNigeria 2 to make Buhari reboot his brain and reverse his archaic and medieval 1984 economic policies.

– Omonile Lawyer




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