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    Lawal Abdullahi

    Mr Senate President you are wrong. The senior law making body has already become the senior law breaking body that every ex-governor run to protect himself from the laws of the land.
    PIB laying doesn’t mean you have done much because it’s a process started for long. How can the senators’ demand of withdrawing the CCB case against you be national issue?
    Mr president, with due respect, your approach to law making is still the culture you’re used to in PDP, “business as usual “.

  2. 2


    People should learn how to respect the Democratic institution

  3. 3

    Mr Law

    Executive should respect the legislative . This call is very important. Even if the senate president has some pending corrupt cases. Charge him to it but respect the office he seat as enshrined in Nigeria constitution. Buhari and his boys should desist ridiculous activities against Nigeria constitution and democracy .
    Two wrongs cannever make a write , neither will the executive win a war with the senate . It’s all befalling back to poor masses . Executive should shield ego and respect the senate .


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