Calls for Saraki’s Resignation; Persecution is Not Prosecution Says Group

by on April 27, 2016

The Nigerians in Diaspora Group for Rule of Law has countered those asking for the resignation of Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki saying the issues are being deliberately confused to achieve the vindictive goals of some highly placed individuals.

Reacting to the several calls for Saraki’s resignation, including from another United Kingdom based group, the Nigerians in Diaspora Group for Rule of Law, said facts in the public domain clearly prove that the Senate President is the victim of persecution that is being made to look like prosecution for alleged corruption offences.

An electronic statement issued by Collins Achaluda esq on the behalf of the umbrella body of Nigerians in the UK, United States, Asia and other parts of Europe, urged Nigerians to demand prosecution of public officers that are being accused of corruption as opposed to their being persecuted.

“The supposed trial of Senator Dr Bukola Saraki was already concluded and a guilty verdict passed in the media and court of public opinion before the Code of Conduct Tribunal sitting properly got underway. The conduct of the Tribunal Chairman, Mr Danladi Umar, has clearly betrayed the secret trial that has been held with a verdict already agreed to going by the way he regularly suffers outbursts of rage whenever Saraki’s defence counsels table facts before him.

“Those citing the example of the former Prime Minister of Iceland, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, who resigned over the Panama Papers affair are being clever by half as they failed to also mentioned the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has continued in office despite protests for him to step down after being linked to offshore assets in the Panama Papers leak.

“Our firm belief is that leaders that are committed to improving the life of citizens must not cave in because of pressure from blackmailers who package their selfish interests to look like something driven by popular demand.” The statement stressed.
It asserted that Saraki would not have been dragged before the CCT if he had not dared to challenge the establishment’s attempt to impose another candidate as President of the Senate.

According to the statement, “It has also emerged that the Senate President’s opposition to a planned Muslim/Muslim ticket was the main thing that made him enemies with those in the corridors of powers who think he had cut short their own ambitions.
“Politics should not be played like this. It should not be about abusing state institutions to score personal scores and to persecute those who out of consideration for what is best for nation refused to support anti-people concepts.

“The concept remains innocent until proven in Nigeria but this has not been the situation in Senator Saraki’s case as his accusers sustain a campaign to boot him out of office for allegations he has not been convicted for. How can one be innocent when his accuser is both the judge and the witness?

“The Federal Government who is persecuting him has its attack dog, which is the EFCC as their ring leader while Danladi Umar, another jury who was caught red handed in a bribery allegation is the same time the jury to deliver a judgment to save his face. This is unfair.” It said.
The group warned that critical national institution like the CCT may  be irreparably damaged if they are continually deployed as instrument of oppression as opposed to anti-corruption assets that they are meant to be.

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