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    Fellow Nigerians, nobody is infallible, constitutionally the address that has to be presented to the Whole World, as for addressing the Entire Nation, has to been addressed as My Fellow Citizens ,NOT My Dear Citizens! For this sounded UNDEMOCRATIC! Thank You!!!

  2. 2


    Nigeria will withness another deadly group in support of kanu. The name of the group is Okonko and thire leader is an aba ngwa man who base in Pakistan and Botswana by name’ Haji Haji

  3. 4


    Good advantage for. Nigeria.
    We welcome new members that are just joining us.
    Pls read to the end…


  4. 5

    ugochukwu Okafor

    This is serious.I dont blame the man because the team nigeria was a low-rated team for years now.Even me, am surprise at their performance.

  5. 6

    Mlumun Nicholas

    That’s good. If you coach a team and at the end of the game they proof nothing resign. Mr. coach come and learn from our coach in nigeria, that shall be better for you hahahahahaa……………..


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