CAN at Loggerheads with Benny Hinn Over Prophecy on Nigeria

by on February 3, 2018

The Nigerian apex Christian body, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has said that it does not need any foreign prophet to tell Nigerian Christians that there a spiritual battle over the soul of the nation. Benny Hinn reportedly had prophesied in the presence of Senator Dino Melaye, Femi Falana, Jerry Gana and others, during a recent program organized by Rev Tom Amenkhienan of Christ Embassy Abuja that God had spoken that in a matter of weeks, there will be political changes in Nigeria.

His words: “What I am sensing would happen few weeks from now, not months. I have never sensed before what I am sensing now. God is sending an anointing for political authority to the church. The church would affect the government of Nigeria.

There is a shift in the atmosphere.” According to Benny Hinn, God is bringing changes to Nigeria’s political sector. He continued: “The church has to fast for 21 days just like Daniel did, not 20 or 19. Partial fasting, eat only once in a day.

When you fast, I want you to target the individuals you want to see removed from office. Call them by names and their offices. This time you must take the kingdom by force. I see adjustment and changes in the political sector of Nigeria. “The church has the authority. Kathryn Kuhlman said ‘No nation is stronger than the anointing it’s church is carrying. You must declare the changes you want to see while fasting.’”

The American preacher also asked the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) to organise men of God in Nigeria to take a helicopter ride and speak healing, prosperity and wealth over the atmosphere.

“Pray in tongues over Nigeria. I sense a divine anointing for change that will affect the economy of Nigeria positively. You wait when you finish the fast; you will call me and tell me what God has done in Nigeria. The churches in Nigeria will affect the map of Africa.

We will pray for prosperity to rest in Nigeria and all powers not of God will be defeated. “Call the politicians you do not want to remain in power by their names and their offices. When the fast is over watch what happens in Nigeria. This should be organised by CAN and PFN working with all church leaders in all denominations in the nation. The fast should start immediately starting with repentance for the land and the sins of the church,” he said.

Reacting to the prediction, CAN Secretary, Rev. Musa Asaka said that CAN did not invite Benin Hinn, adding that the American prophet did not speak to CAN. “Does he know CAN? Does he have any relationship with CAN, Asake further asked.

Apparently not moved by Benny Hinn’s prediction, Asake said that many people are coming out to give prophesy that have not come to pass. “So he was not here for CAN, he did not talk to CAN and CAN cannot comment on his prophesy,” CAN Secretary said. Also giving his personal opinion on the issue, the Chairman of CAN Lagos State chapter, Apostle Alex Bamgbola explained that nobody needs to tell the church in Nigeria that it is time to rise up, fast and pray.

He said that has been going on before Benny Hinn came. “The issues confronting us are so serious and we know that Christianity is being challenges so fasting and praying have been going on already, we are crying on to the Lord,” Bamgbola added. He, however, noted that there are many prophets all over the world.

“We have enough prophets in Nigeria, so we appreciate his comment that is my personal opinion,” Bamgbola said. He, however, added that prior to Benny Hinn’s coming, CAN Lagos had scheduled prayers and fasting meetings.

“That is part of what I am talking about. It is not because Benny Hinn asked us to fast and pray, we understand that the problems we have is not carnal but spiritual.

We know that we have a serious battle to fight, because the soul of this nation is being contested and the battle is more spiritual than physical,” Apostle Bamgbola added. But PFN President, Dr. Felix Omobude, said that Benny Hinn did not imply that there are no prophets in Nigeria. He however explained that Nigerian Christians have been a praying people.

“Benny Hinn is a known prophet’ I am sure that he did not imply that there are no prophets in Nigeria. There is no need to say he is a foreigner or so, if he had been a Nigerian, of course we will act upon his prophesy,” Omobude said.




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  • Remi johnson
    February 3, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    Comment…the Lord will help our nation , nigeria most not die , the hope of africa , long live nigeria


    • Pauline
      February 5, 2018 at 2:25 pm

      When will Christians have one voice in Nigeria? When will church leaders stop open confrontations of one another?
      Christians and church leaders should stop destructive criticisms and come together to take its place in the leadership of this country? Katherine Kulhman of blessed memory said ” the Anointing of the church is greater than a Nation”


  • February 3, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    To hope on Nigeria is like hoping on a spilled water in a desert.


  • February 4, 2018 at 11:16 am

    Enemy of christains in Nigeria know dat christains are not serving dead leader like their. JESUS IS LORD


  • Zona
    February 4, 2018 at 11:38 am

    Everything is politics in this country, imagine a prophesy from a renowned respected man of God is now turning to politics, the CAN that has nothing to offer, instead to work on d prophesy they were busy saying trash, God help us


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