History and laws of Cannabis in Pakistan

People have been using and producing cannabis in Pakistan for ages.

By : Khushbakht Junaid

History of Cannabis is very wide across Pakistan. People have been using and producing cannabis in Pakistan for ages. It is stated in ancient Hindu literature and existed before the Muslim faith was introduced to the country.

This literature primarily focused on its medicinal potential and its application in religious rituals. Sufis used cannabis in their ceremonies and continue to do so today. There are very strict rules for keeping, selling, and using cannabis in Pakistan.

Can you keep Cannabis in your possession?

Cannabis possession is unlawful in Pakistan. You could face a fine or a prison term if you’re caught possessing cannabis. Despite this, cannabis consumption is very prevalent in Pakistan.

In different sections of the country, the legislation is applied differently. In some places of Pakistan, the regulations are not always followed (particularly in the tribal areas of the northwest, where there are a lot of cannabis crops). Despite this, cannabis is the most often used illegal substance in the country.

Is it legal to plant Cannabis in Pakistan?

In early 2020 Pakistan made it legal to grow cannabis. Pakistan legalized its production due to its large economic standpoint, and it is also grown for “medical, scientific, or industrial processes.”

This is only legal if the federal government or a provincial government has issued a license (with the federal government’s permission).

Cannabis is, in fact, widely farmed throughout Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the world’s major producers of cannabis, and the plant grows wild in many parts of the country.

Can you sell Cannabis in Pakistan?

It is completely illegal to sell cannabis in Pakistan, there are different forces in Pakistan that work on stopping it from selling in Pakistan, if you are caught selling cannabis in Pakistan you can face some serious sentences and also a very heavy fine penalty.

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