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Bola Tinubu puts downpayment on Nigeria’s presidency

by Ikokwu Ikembaon December 1, 2019
This time the destination is Riyadh, where Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman – another firm friend of Buhari’s – is presiding over an investment summit in early November. After that comes a sojourn in London. That is a private trip, as the current political scene in Britain is too chaotic for any serious […]

Mysterious ghost hand in historic photo is freaking people out

by Ikokwu Ikembaon November 30, 2019
The 9 Most Haunted Places in America Scare yourself silly with a visit to one of these 9 haunted places. Alabama’s famous ghost town was abandoned after the Civil War. There have been reports of shadowy figures and mysterious footsteps at this prison in Pennsylvania. This lighthouse if supposedly haunted by its former keeper who […]