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#COVID19: Controversial 5G Now In Nigeria, MTN Conducts First Trial

by Jacinta Iroroon April 4, 2020
5G stands for Fifth Generation. It is a wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. It was first largely adopted in the year 2019, and currently, telecommunications service provider in developed countries around the world, are upgrading its infrastructure to 5G functionality. And, in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa, MTN is the first […]

Licence Has Not Been Issued For 5G In Nigeria, It’s Still Under Study—Minister of Communication, Isa Pantami

by Jacinta Iroroon April 4, 2020
The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, has started that no licence has been issued for 5G in Nigeria.  In a statement released on Saturday, April 4, to counter rumors circulating on social media that 5G technology causes Coronavirus, Pantami stated that the Buhari-led administration will never seek technological advancement at the expense of the health […]

#COVID19: #AfricansarenotLabRats— Africans React To French Doctors Vaccine Test In Africa

by Jacinta Iroroon April 4, 2020
Although Africa is the least affected continent since the COVID-19 outbreak, two French doctors have suggested that the new vaccine for the virus should be first tested in Africa and Africans are not happy about this. In fact the two doctors are receiving backlash and their comments have been tagged racist. The comments were made […]