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Regime Security is not National Security and other Lessons from the Coronavirus Crisis

by David Hundeyinon March 31, 2020
In November 2019, doctors and nurses in the Chinese city of Wuhan, located in the central Hubei Province started noticing an influx of patients suffering from an unusually violent flu. China is no stranger to harsh seasonal flu outbreaks, but this was unlike anything they had ever seen before. Patients would have to be placed […]

#COVID19: Purchasing Certain Nose Mask Can Be A Complete Waste Of Money

by Jacinta Iroroon March 30, 2020
Anyone who has visited a mall or stall across the country to purchase ”survival kit” during this pandemic, must have noticed the hike in the prices of these things and that Stalls and malls are running out of Hand Sanitizers, Nose Mask, and gloves. It is both heartbreaking and embarrassing how we, Nigerians are mean […]

#COVID19: People Who Bleach Their Skin Are More At Risk To Be Infected

by Jacinta Iroroon March 28, 2020
Most Skin bleachers have a compromised immune system, which is scientifically proven. But before we delve into that, let’s see how the immune system works. The immune system plays a critical role in whether you recover from a virus or you die from it. Scientists have found out that most coronavirus related death are as […]