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                                                                What is wrong with us?

by Staff Writeron April 9, 2017
  I have always wondered if corruption is somehow part of this awesome experience of being a Nigerian. Sometime ago, I lashed out at the old folks ruining our future and I want to come out and apologise?—no I want to come out and offer an alternative truth to this whole corruption mess we found […]

Nothing Justifies Massacre, A Message To My Fellow Northerners

by Staff Writeron April 9, 2017
By @MuhdDarazo After the disastrous attack on Quds process on 25-26 July, 2014 by the Nigerian Army, which led to the death of 34 innocent and defenseless civilians including 3 sons of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and Chief Julius Anyawu, an Igbo Christian trader in Zaria. A […]

How President Buhari’s Sins Caused Nigeria’s Meningitis Outbreak By Reno Omokri

by Staff Writeron April 8, 2017
Perhaps the most outlandish thing I have heard this year, other than the fact that one set of President Buhari’s aides told us he was not sick while another set simultaneously asked us to pray for his recovery, is the claim by the All Progressive Congress governor of Zamfara state that the outbreak of meningitis […]