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Why Are Black People Obsessed With The Bible That Was Used To Enslave Them?

by Ikokwu Ikembaon September 23, 2019
When I became a born-again Christian in 2008, I started studying the bible word for word. I would spend hours a day reading all commentaries for all the verses I studied. The more I studied the bible the more I realized that most of the Christians around me did not believe everything that was in […]

Igbo Kwenu: Saving Nigeria from Itself ~ Ose Anenih

by Ikokwu Ikembaon September 23, 2019
“Barriers to political equality, such as our seemingly entrenched though informal rule for zoning candidacies according to regions of origin, need to be de-emphasised and ultimately abandoned in favour of an emphasis on qualification, competence and character.” The statement above was recently made by Governor Nasir El Rufai, a northern politician, just 6 months after […]

Unraveling the Trump in El-Rufai: How Kaduna governor is hunting down Nigerian media

by Ikokwu Ikembaon September 20, 2019
Like Trump, Like El-Rufai It is no news that the relationship between the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, and the American media is not rosy. Not a few times, President Trump has been at loggerheads with journalists, banning some of them from covering his Presidential dealings. For example, he once, in […]