#COVID19: Gold Climbs To 2012 Highs Due To Coronavirus Fears

by William Ukpeon June 22, 2020
Gold futures reached 2012 highs on Monday, continuing its ongoing rally as Coronavirus fears causes major inflows into gold backed ETFs. With the worrying signs of Covid-19 spreading even as governments plans to restart their economies. Central banks have also added gold to their monetary support stimulus with the Bank of England’s bond buying rates […]

Ivory Coast Attack: Suspected Islamist Head Arrested

by William Ukpeon June 22, 2020
The Ivorian Government announced the arrest of the Head of the Suspected Islamist Militant group that attacked 2 weeks ago killing ten soldiers. On June 10, in the Northern Kafolo Branch of the Army, the deadliest Islamist attack in Ivory Coast since the 2016 Al-Qaeda attack of Grand Bassam beach report that killed 19 people […]

George Floyd: DSTV To Withdraw Movies With Racist Content

by William Ukpeon June 22, 2020
Following the international protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd by Police officers leading to discussions on racism and discrimination. Media companies are reviewing their policies for content that could contain materials people will view as racist and offensive. South African PayTv operators, Multichoice which owns the DStv Cable Network in Anglophone Africa and […]

Mali Protests: ECOWAS Calls For Re-run Of Local Elections

by William Ukpeon June 21, 2020
The ECOWAS has called on Mali to Re-run elections and urges for national dialogue after protests demanding the government to step down rages on in the the streets of Bamako. Protesters around the city have called on the removal of President Ibrahim Keita. The ECOWAS group led by the Nigerien Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kalla […]

7 Killed As 2 Bomb Attacks Hit Somalia

by William Ukpeon June 21, 2020
At least 7 people have been confirmed dead after 2 seperate bomb attacks in Central and South Somalia according to the police. 4 people were killed in the first attack after 2 bombs placed in front of the house of a Military officer exploded in Wantaweyn, 90Km North of Mogadishu. No group is yet to […]

#COVID19: UK Govt Rejects Marcus Rashford’s Free School Meals Plea

by Seun Adeuyion June 16, 2020
The government of the United Kingdom (UK) has rejected a plea from Manchester United star Marcus Rashford to continue the free school meals scheme during the summer holidays. In an open letter on Monday morning, Rashford urged MPs to reconsider plans to not extend the current food voucher. In the letter, Rashford narrated his own experiences of […]