8 Senators to watch in the Trump Impeachment Trial

by Ikokwu Ikembaon January 17, 2020
On Thursday, it became official: The Senate impeachment trial into President Donald Trump is underway. While the ultimate outcome seems predetermined — it’s very hard to see 67 senators voting for Trump’s removal — that doesn’t mean the way we get from here to there doesn’t matter and won’t be potentially politically consequential. While 67 […]

Netflix Set To Release It’s First Original African Series

by Jacinta Iroroon January 16, 2020
The Netflix Series titled “Queen Sono” is the first Netflix original series and is set to be released globally on the 28 of February. In the series, Pearl Thusi plays a dazzling secret agent trying to uncover the truth about her mother’s assassination while also protecting her country. The commissioning of the series by Netflix […]

US Military Resumes Joint Operations With Iraq

by Jacinta Iroroon January 16, 2020
The New York Times Reported that the United States on Wednesday, resumed joint military operations with Iraq that had been put on pause after the US drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad. Two US military officials quoted by the paper said the Pentagon wanted to resume these operations in order to […]