Man Sues BMW After X5’s Automatic ‘Soft’ Self-Closing Door Cuts Off His Thumb

by Breaking Timeson March 27, 2018
A New York man’s N25.2 million ($70,000 ) dream car turned into a nightmare when his luxury ride’s self-closing door cut off his right thumb. 61 year old Godwin Boateng, a software engineer ended up having to carry his chopped thumb into the emergency room after his BMW X5’s SCAD sensor (Soft Closing Automatic Doors) […]
Smartphones, Destroy

Ways We Destroy Smartphones

by Breaking Timeson March 25, 2018
Here are six unbelievable things we do that destroys our android phones 1. Making calls or playing games while charging Making use of your phone while charging it can be hazardous, either to your health or to the phone. Although it may seem like there’s nothing wrong in doing so, it is actually one of […]

OBJ Hangs Out With Cristiano Ronaldo (VIDEO)

by Breaking Timeson March 25, 2018
Nike brings together Real Madrid’s Portuguese striker, Cristiano Ronaldo and American Football wide receiver for the New York Giants,Odell Beckham Jr, for the launch of the Nike Mercurial football boot. The two superstars who come from two very different footballing worlds hung out in Madrid for the day and made sure they let fans know their every move. Ronaldo at one stage even managed to […]