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    Smart Okokobi

    The Government should with immediate effect revalue the Naira currency ; one naira = one dollar and expel IMF & World Bank out of Nigeria immediately ;

    These two evil Organizations came to Nigeria about 30years ago through greedy Babangida and introduced structural Adjustment Programme (SAP). They then started the devaluation of our Naira currency. The price is what we are still paying till today.This was the beginning of Nigeria’s economic and social problems. For about 30 years running till today they are devaluing our Naira currency with nothing whatsoever to show for it order than subjugations, pain, suffering, crime, massive poverty, in my Nigeria. These two Institutions with their Cohorts have held Nigeria hostage for 30 years now. My Nigerian People cannot come out of the evil economic doldrums. So, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IMF & World Bank. You should leave our Nigerian Government alone to do her work.

    Smart Okokobi (North America)


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