CCT Faults CCB’s Procedure for Receiving Asset Declaration Forms

by on May 3, 2016

The Code of Conduct Tribunal has revealed the loophole in the procedure put in place by its sister agency, the Code of Conduct Bureau, for receiving completed asset declaration forms from public officers.

The CCB, by law, issues asset declaration forms to public officers, receives and verifies the completed forms and also prosecutes before the CCT those who fail to submit the completed forms or whose forms contain infractions.

But the CCT said in a judgment delivered on April 28, 2016, that the CCB’s procedure for receiving the forms from public officers needed to be strengthened.

Based on the perceived loophole in the CCB’s procedure for receiving the completed forms, the CCT in the said judgment discharged and acquitted the defendant in the case, Mr. M.A Miashanu. Maishanu was an officer in the Office of the Secretary of the Government of Kano State, who was charged with failure to submit his pre-tenure writtendeclaration of his assets in 2007.

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