#CCTvsSaraki | Saraki’s Lawsuit Against Danladi Umar (DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE OF BIAS)

by on April 21, 2016

Yesterday,  Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki filed a lawsuit seeking for the Chairman of CCT, Danladi Umar to excuse himself from the ongoing trial on Asset Declaration because the judge has been on administrative bail with EFCC for allegedly receiving  bribe.

It is noteworthy that the prosecutor Rotimi Jacobs is also the lead prosecutor for EFCC which I believe best explains the action of the CCT Chairman to assist the EFCC witness during cross examination. Yesterday evening, we received report that EFCC dropped charges against the judge. Attached you will find attachments of charge sheet. If truly we are in a democracy and there is no political interference, it is important that the CCT Chairman excuse himself from this case.
Few points to ponder on
1. Danladi Umar is NOT a Judge nor a Justice, he is an administrative Chairman of CCT.

2. Danladi Umar is not a judicial officer, but reports directly to the SGF, an appointee of the Federal Government led by the President.

3. Danladi Umar had a pending criminal investigation case with the EFCC, which is also a major prosecuting body in Saraki’s case?

4. Dan Ladi Umar’s Personal Assistant was accused of collecting a bribe on behalf of his principal. This is the reason why he has a case to answer with the EFCC.



File 2. Copy of Zenith Bank Cheque

File 3. Zenith Bank Account Statement

File 4. Dan Ladi Umar Statement at EFCC

File 5.  Dan Ladi Umar Statement at EFCC (continued)

File 7. The Investigation Report

File 8. The Investigation Report (continued)

File 9 – 11. Summary of Investigation

File 13. Letter by Other Judges

File 15. Letter by SGF on Dan Ladi’s Case

File 17. Charges Against Dan Ladi in Federal High Court

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