Charlie Hebdo Suspects Killed After Standoff With Police

by on January 9, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo attack suspects are dead and their hostage is safe, the City Hall of Dammatin confirmed.

The dramatic development came after sustained gunfire and small explosions erupted at both hostage situations in France.

Meanwhile, there were at least four explosions and a barrage of gunfire at the kosher market in Paris and then police were seen going in. People then were seen coming out of the market, and ambulances and firetrucks drove towards the market, loaded people in and drove away.

The store is the site of a hostage situation involving a suspected gunman in the fatal shooting Thursday of a police officer in the city’s Monrouge area, authorities said.

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Heavily armed SWAT teams moved into Porte de Vincennes after the hostage situation developed at a kosher grocery, involving a gunman and at least one hostage, police said.

The Paris Public Prosecutor’s office has linked the suspect in this standoff to one of the suspects in another hostage situation that was occurring at the same time outside Paris, where police were engaged with two gunmen suspected in Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo massacre.

City Hall of Dammatin confirms that the Couachi brothers are dead and that the one hostage is safe.

At the first hostage situation, smoke, gunfire and loud bangs were heard just minutes before police appeared to move in on the grocery store in Paris.

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Police revealed that a suspect in the Thursday fatal shooting of a police officer in Paris’ Monrouge area, identified as Amedi Coulibaly, 32, is believed to be involved with the grocery standoff.

Police issued a wanted poster for both Coulibaly and another female suspect named Hayat Boumeddinene today in the killing of the policewoman. Police also gave more details about the attack, saying Coulibaly wore body armor when he allegedly killed the officer.

Coulibally was tried and convicted several years ago for attempting to break convicted terrorist Smain Ali Belkacem out of prison. One of the gunmen suspected in the Charlie Hebdo attack, Cherif Kouachi, was also tried in the Belkacem case but was not convicted, according to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s office.

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Belkacem was one of the people convicted in the 1995 attack on the Paris transport system that killed eight people and wounded 120.

The other hostage situation involving the two suspected gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo massacre is taking place in the town of Dammartin-en-goele, outside Paris.

Cherif Kouachi and his brother, Said Kouachi, were holed up in a printing company in a town about 20 miles northeast of Paris, taking one male employee hostage, said Audrey Taupenas, a spokeswoman for Dammartin-en-Goele City Hall.


Source: ABC

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