Child Rape Scandal: Nigerian Women Condemn Buhari

by on March 27, 2015

Following the widespread condemnation of General Muhammadu Buhari over recent reports which revealed how his current wife, Aisha was forced into marriage with him as a minor at the tender age of 9below are comments by Nigerian women from all walks of life reacting to the chilling scandal. Yemi Adebowale compiles the reports.


“The reports that General Muhammed Buhari married his wife at the age of 9 and got her pregnant at age 12 and she gave birth to her first child at 13 is terribly shocking. Just terrible. Child marriage is one of the scourges of our society. It is child abuse at its very worst, it victimises the girl child, weakens the family structure, and destroys the fabric of community. It is a scandal of the 21st century Nigeria and it is an evil has been made illegal in Muslim countries like Egypt, Iraq, and Syria. Nigeria needs to follow suit. This singular issue makes Buhari grossly unqualified to lead Nigerian women into the future. We have to keep moving forward. “

Aziza Uko-Douglas, Media Enterpreneur, Lagos


“This revelation makes it all come together why Buhari is an unrepentant promoter of Sharia. He wants it implemented across the entire Federation of Nigeria so that he would not be considered a child rapist anymore. Now, the General’s extremist views and agitations can be seen for what they are. He is just a pedophile who needs a hiding place.”

Leanne Favour, Lawyer, Abuja


“This is a disgrace on my religion as a Muslim. Buhari is a clear example of everything wrong with the way non-Muslims perceive Islam. As a woman, I am disheartened. This allegation should be investigated immediately. It is a crime against our laws in Nigeria to marry a minor. Such distasteful nonsense!”

Hadiza Usman, Businesswoman, Lokoja


“A man like Buhari should be put in a cage, locked and the key thrown into the Red Sea. This is sheer wickedness. How can you marry a child of 9 and then come out with a straight face to talk about change?”

Blessing Okara, Banker, Port Harcourt


“I am still shocked. So Buhari was forcing this child, sorry woman to marriage and the she still had the guts to call Edo women prostitutes? I would rather be a prostitute than a victim of sustained child rape in the house of a husband old enough to be my grandfather. Tufiakwa! Abomination!”

Esther Inegbedion, Civil Servant, Benin-City


“This story from Nigeria is just disgusting. I hope the Nigerian authorities will probe this. Child marriage is a crime against humanity and everything honorable. I empathise with Mrs. Buhari. Victims like her must come out and find the courage to talk about the ills of child marriage. Silence is not an option. It only empowers the abuser.”

Linda White, Beauty Therapist, London


“This Buhari man is Satan. If this story is true then why is he not in jail for child abuse? Where are the parents of Aisha Buhari? Can they at least come out and speak? This is evil.”

Ekaette Ekpenyoung, Lawyer, Calabar


“This Buhari story is not surprising. Those who know the man know him to be heartless and cold-blooded. He did worse to his first wife who he divorced for seeking help from Babangida when he (Buhari) was in jail. The woman eventually died of diabetes. She died a poor and heartbroken woman. She could not bear the shame of how Buhari kicked her out of her marital home all because she lifted a finger to help the family. This is typical Buhari.”

Mairo Mohammed, Zamfara

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