Children Poisoning: Court Sentences Teacher To Death In China

by on September 29, 2020

A Chinese Court sentenced recently a nursery teacher to death for poisoning 25 children, as one of them reportedly died from the poison.

The culprit, Wang Yun was apprehended last year by the police, after children at a nursery school in Jiaozuo city were hurried to the hospital right after eating their morning meal.

According to the court, the culprit put sodium nitrite in breakfast of a colleague’s students in quest to get revenge after a disagreement between both parties ensued.

Describing the woman as vicious, the court stated that 23 children after eating their breakfast, started vomitting and it made the police carry out further investigations which led to the arresting the teacher.

After the sentence, the court in a statement explained that sodium nitrite is often used as food additive for curing meat and toxic in high amounts, adding that it was not the first time Ms Wang had poisoned people.

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Meanwhile, one of the victims, after staying 10 months in the hospital, died from the poison.

The death sentence to Ms Wang will be carried either by firing squad or through injection.

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