China Proposes New Controversial Hong Kong Security Law

by on May 21, 2020

The Chinese government is set to introduce a security law in Hong Kong that will make acts like secession illegal.

This is coming after a wave of protests since last year that has seen over 7000 people arrested.

The new law is expected to draw clashes and criticisms both in Hong Kong and Internationally.

Pro Chinese officials in Hong Kong said the bill will strengthen Hong Kong’s security but others say this will signal the end of Hong Kong.

The law is set to target potential terrorist activities in the City and makes sedition, subversion and foriegn interference in Hong Kong illegal.

Hong Kong lawmakers opposing the bill signalled that it will be the end of the ” one country, 2 systems” of Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong was British colony and returned to China in 1997.

Hong Kong’s basic law which remains to 2047 gives the city the autonomy of its own legal system and rights to assembly and free speech.

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