Col Hameed Ali (Customs boss) walked out of senate for not wearing uniform.

by on March 16, 2017

The running feud between the Senate and Customs boss, Colonel Hameed Ali shows no sign of abating. He was summoned to appear at the senate today wearing his uniform. He refused to do so and appeared together with Senator Ita Enang  (Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly matters) for a closed door meeting which held at Senator Ekweremadu’s office.

See photo’s of him without his uniform (he is pictured with Sen Ita)

Ali on arrival in the Senate

The Senate on Thursday walked out the Customs Comptroller General, Col Hammed Ali from its chambers for not wearing uniform as directed.  He was asked to return next Wednesday, March 22 in uniform.

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According to the Senators, Ali should lead by example.

Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekeremadu had earlier queried the Comptroller General for not wearing his official uniform.


Photos of Col Ali being questioned at the Senate, today.


Responding to the question Ali claimed that the letter inviting him did not request that he should appear in uniform.

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  • Jacob
    March 16, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    The purported memo from Gov El-Rufai sounds like a fair assessment of the current politico- economic situation in the country. Government should look at the issues raised dispassionately and take necessary measures to cause a turnaround.


  • akin sodimu
    March 17, 2017 at 7:51 am

    To me, this Senate has got something that I will call “superiority complex” or let me use the popular words like Ego or Arrogance. The decision to intend to compel the custom boss, Hammed Ali to wear the custom uniform is not an important issue, when compared with the main issue necessitating his invitation, it is not the uniform that matters, because, trying to compel the custom boss to wear uniform was a calculated attempt to ridicule him. The Senate should realize that, Hammed Ali as a retired colonel in the army, coupled with his educational background of master’s degree, one time military governor of Kaduna state, and a beloved ‘son’ of Mr. President, will never succumb to any intimidation, if truly the Senate is for Nigeria and Nigerians, they should not bother him on superficial issues, but ask him questions concerning his duties and the main issue, which is enforcement of old vehicle owners paying custom duties for their old vehicles if initially the papers were not got or perfected. For the mere fact, that the Representative of Mr. President on National Assembly matters escorted Ali to the Senate House, is a signal that the National Assembly should thread softly. We all know that even the election that brought the Senate President to the throne was a monumental fraud.


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