Comrade Sunny Ofehe; A new Nigeria is Possible 

by on May 9, 2017

I did talk about young people going into leadership positions in Nigeria.

I wish to present to you Comrade Sunny Ofehe, one of such young people that Nigeria should consider for leadership positions.

Ofehe is a renowned international environmental rights activist, a sound and intelligent fellow that has achieved so much for the Niger Delta region yet very humble and  selfless.

Years back, Ofehe presented the issue of the degradation in Ogoni land before the United nations. He spoke so passionately about the pains inflicted on the people of the Niger Delta region by the activities of Shell and other oil exploration firms. 

Ofehe worked with Ledum Mite on the initial miles during the push for the clean up of Ogoni land. 

Ofehe himself is not even a Rivers man. He hails from Delta state and has also used his organization, “Hope for Niger Delta Campaign” to bring international support to rural Delta communities. 

Just last week Ofehe informed me that he just partnered with the Dutch Football Academy and they have decided to host a tournament in Delta state in a bid to select 5 football talents that will be admitted expressly to The Dutch Football Academy.

Ofehe was a speaker four days ago in a conference in Vienna, Austria where he spoke on the topic “Empowering Youths For Good Governance In Nigeria.” 


Ofehe’s love for his people and quest for the development of Nigeria is epic. It is so because he does his selflessly without making noise and without hope for personal returns.

Today, I join many of your admirers to call on you sir to come back and help build this country. 

You can start form your home state of Delta. Nigeria needs people like you, Nigeria needs men with innovative ideas.

Article by @ComradePhils 

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