Consultants Academy Boot Camp: After event Press Release

by on June 19, 2015

Education Hub Africa, an education management, private sector led organisation established to empower African’s through global education and exchange programs is pleased to announce the successful completion of its first Consultants Academy International (CAI) boot camp that was held June 1-5, 2015, at the Oriental Hotel Lekki attended by over 50 SME and management consultants, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs.IMG_2345-2

Dr. Richard L. Weinberger, PhD, CPA, from Austin, Texas, USA, was the lead faculty. Dr. Weinberger is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants, which is the only worldwide association specializing in training and certification of SME consultants and has over 30 years’ experience as a management and financial consultant dealing exclusively with SMEs. Dr. Weinberger has provided a diversity of services to a wide range of clients in all industries, has tackled every conceivable business problem, and trained consultants and business owners in the art and science of business problem solving. He is an international speaker, highly esteemed small business thought leader, and published author.

In addition to his business experience, Dr. Weinberger has been a professor at several U.S. universities and has taught continuing education courses for professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in organization and management, a Master of Business Administration degree in management, and two Bachelor of Business Administration degrees – accounting and marketing. He is, also, a Certified Public Accountant in the U.S. IMG_2312-1

Dr. Weinberger states, “I was extremely impressed with the high caliber of all attendees. With Nigeria’s emerging economy, I see SMEs on the brink of exploding upwards to the benefit of consultants, owners, and Nigeria itself. I was honored to be a major participant in this first boot camp and congratulate the Consultants Academy International on the absolute superb job they did in every aspect of organizing this very important event.”

In the words of Mrs. St. Matthew-Daniel CEO of Jacinta Ltd. “I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have been consulting for a long time but knowledge is power and constantly listening under the voice of industry gurus especially in the international market place is unquantifiable. Additional ‘know-how’ of how to handling SME’s which falls under my portfolio as a Women and Youth Empowerment Advocacy is so enriching. IMG_8064-71

I hope this entry into the Nigerian market will mark the beginning of a brand that enhances those who are Consultants and those trying to offer a service to a nitch market place. I can see it going into the neighboring countries much later”.

Also from Janet Adetu (of Ettiquette with Janet), CEO of JSK Etiquette Consortium. “Many thanks for the program which turned out to be very rewarding”

The Consultants Boot Camp Sessions is a rigorous, insightful international faculty lead course work (for managers, existing and aspiring consultants) , with additional study 40 online videos and two level examinations leading to the award of accreditation or certifications as small business consultant, management consultant or business consultant.

Consultants Academy International is now the only leading location in Nigeria today for quality and cerebral training/certification designation for consultants.

Ayodolapo Ajao FIMC CNP, the CEO of Consultants Academy International (CAI), has already announced plans for a second boot camp to be held in September 2015. As stated by Mr. Ajao, “Due to the overwhelming success of our first boot camp and having to turn people away at the door, we are already planning a second and bigger boot camp.”

The Consultant’s Boot Camp session is a five days intensive advance management course and assessment with a focus to certify successful management consultants. Minimum qualification is a first degree and three years management or consulting experience.

Top management executives, business gurus and consultants will also be able to sharpen their management skills in a one day limited seats edition tagged “Revalidate” with a list of exceptional faculties.

Consultants Academy International is presently the only organization with the most effective face to face training and certification for consultants in Nigeria today. Through international partnerships and collaborations CAI has emerge as the leading brand in consultancy certification in Nigeria.


Interested individuals are asked to send their name and email address to ayololapo@educationhubafrica.org for details on the next event.

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