Coronavirus: DC Church Rector Who Shared Communion To Congregation Tests Positive

by on March 11, 2020

Despite efforts and precautions of the Christ Church to protect it’s congregation from the Covid-19 virus, with the use of hand sanitizers all around the building and doing everything they could with every information they had, Timothy Cole who is cordially referred to by worshippers at the Christ church as ”Father Tim” is presently the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the same town.

Cole is the rector of Christ Church Georgetown in Washington D.C. Which was co-founded 203 years ago by Francis Scott Key, who wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The church is located In a prominent resident with affluent history, the 800-family Episcopal Church has a combination of wealthy and influential worshippers which is one of many reasons it is popularly known as an influencer well-attended and respected church and stands as one of the most well-connected churches in Washington, D.C.

At Christ Church, communion is distributed at three services each Sunday. 

On March 1, Cole was present for all three services with over 500 persons in attendance, but distributed communion (or “was the celebrant”) only at one.

At communion time, people would approach the altar and are given a wafer that is placed on each person’s hand and offered a sip of wine from a common cup called a chalice, this traditional practice has more than 300 people drinking from the same cup. Although Cole, as usual, used hand sanitizer and washed his hands before distributing communion.

Most people on the other hand Prefer to dip the wafer into the cup (chalice) and then drink directly from the cup and eat the wafer.

None of the aforementioned practices seem like a healthy choice considering the spread of the virus.

Presently, Timothy Cole, the church organist, a 39-year-old man who attends the church along with other members of the church are being quarantined.

Cole, having tested positive, sent a mail to    Congregators suspending worship in order to protect the vulnerable ones amongst the congregation.

This would be the first time the church is taking a break from worship since the case of fire in 1800. 

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