COVID-19: Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine Safe And Well Tolerated, New Study Reveals

by on July 20, 2020

As the world battles the scourge of the coronavirus, a new study published by “Lancet” a highly reputable medical journal has revealed that the Oxford coronavirus vaccine is safe and well tolerated.

The vaccine which was developed by Oxford University in the United Kingdom, UK, with pharmaceutical giants AstraZeneca has produced a promising immune response in the early stage human trial as the vaccines entertainment the fin

Earlier reports suggested that Oxford’s vaccine is fit for human use and develops protective immunity in the body of volunteers.

As the coronavirus continue to spread and infect thousands of people across the globe daily, this news brings succour to the ailing world as nations of the world seek a safe preventive measures to fight the virus.

The Director of the Jenner Institute at Oxford University, Dr. Adrian Hill, had said that the Coronavirus vaccine that is currently experimented on people, is showing good immune response in them.

According to him, the British started with testing of the vaccines on about 1,000 persons.

He disclosed that the essence of those earlier trial was to ascertain different kinds of immune response on the subjects.

However, they are yet to cannot tell if the vaccine truly protects one from the virus.

Meanwhile, the experiments conducted, revealed that the COVID-19 vaccine produces a double immune response in people aged 18-55 and lasts for a two month period from when they were immunized.

Dr. Hill said, “The immune response so far in everyone that was injected with vaccine is quite astonishing and good. The vaccine in people, kick starts both arms of the immune system”.

Although, minimal effects was caused by the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, such as fever, muscle pain and chills, he added that the vaccine prompts a kind of reaction on T-cells in the body that helps to fight off the virus.

He also said that the United States,US, will start soon another trial that will involve more number of persons ranging from 30,000, adding that 10,000 persons trial is underway with participants from Brazil and South Africa involved.

Oxford vaccine is engineered to reduce disease and transmisaion, by using a harmless virus; a chimpanzee cold virus which can spread round the body and trigger an immune system response in humans.

“Oxford are currently in partnership with drugmaker AstraZeneca to  make production of the vaccine global; they are already committed to make two billion doses”, Hill said.

“We hoped that the early production of a vaccine would help stop the ongoing pandemic. Also, judging from number of positive tested persons occurring daily, you see that the vaccine is needed now more than ever”.

Meanwhile, different countries of the World such as Italy, France, Netherlands, U.S and the U.K all signed agreement to receive hundreds of million doses of the vaccines.

British officials revealed also that if the results of the tests comes out positive, that Britons will be the first to get it.

American researchers revealed that the COVID-19 vaccine tested in the Country, boosted people’s immune and the vaccines are now entering the final stage of testing.

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